Betting College Basketball – The Loophole

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This will change your mind about sports betting for good. 

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There are no guarantees when it comes to betting sports BUT we can honestly say that there is something close and that’s betting college hoops during non-conference play. 

While compiling an unbeatable track-record spanning more than four decades, Doc’s Sports has come across a little “loophole” allowing you to scoop up as much as 80 percent of your yearly profit in a two-month span, with FAR LESS risk than normal.

The Loophole

This “loophole” is placing daily bets on college basketball during non-conference play, the time of year when oddsmakers and the betting public are distracted by College and NFL football, the NBA and the NHL. 

College basketball gets swept aside because not as many people are focused on the sport. 

Especially early in the season. (Non-conference play lasts close to 2 months)  

That is one of several reasons why this creates a “soft market” situation for sports investing.

Check out these numbers: (this is just a small sample)

  • Robert Ferringo has posted 14 of 16 winning nonconference college basketball seasons for +65,300 in profit. He’s the only person in the country we know of with this streak and his clients would’ve sextupled their bankrolls during that time…
  • Jason Sharpe, a professional full-time bettor from Las Vegas, has helped clients make 80 percent of their total yearly earnings betting during this small window of opportunity…
  • From Nov. 17 to Christmas Day last year, Raphael Esparza erupted for over +4,000 in total college basketball profit while dominating the early season tournaments.

In case you’re wondering, yes, they do have a few “insider” secrets they’ve discovered over the past 51 years, which give them an edge. 

For example, they know that when teams from major conference host mid-major teams in the early part of the season, the major teams hand pick the officials for those games. This gives them a noticeable advantage with the whistle, and bumps up the odds of winning. 

Once conference play starts, this advantage is removed.

That is just one among dozens of strategies they use to tip the scales in their clients favor and get you BETTER results with LESS risk. Doc’s Sports handicappers follow unique strategies, allowing them to get higher winning percentages and more profit per win for them and their clients. 

Want to give them a try?

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