5 Best NFL Betting Tools That Payoff in 2022

In this post I’m going to show you 5 of the best NFL betting tools to help you become a better handicapper.

I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s important to continue learning and finding methods to make yourself a more profitable bettor. In fact, in a recent poll of professional handicappers 82.5% responded it was “very important” to learn and improve.

Well, you can become a lot better with the help of few useful online “tools.”

In fact, these are the everyday sites I use during the NFL Season, which have increased my profit percentage by 10% over the previous season plus reduced the amount of time spent researching. Let’s get started.

VSiN Delivers Valuable Info All Day

VSiN is THE sports betting network and they cover the NFL like no other.  Vegas industry insiders and pros are discussing all the relevant info happening each and every day – all day.   I think VSiN is the biggest improvement handicappers have gained in the past 10 years, and it’s fun. 

This is what you do:

  • Turn it on and leave it on.
  • Take a break and watch the segments you find most useful. For me it’s the Lombardi Line.
  • Use the replays when you miss a show.
  • Subscribe to the afternoon email, which highlights important info discussed on the morning shows.
  • Pay special attention when the Vegas line-makers are on, learn how the lines are moving and what’s driving the action.

That’s an easy formula to improving your overall and NFL specific handicapping knowledge. You’re on the fast track to profitability.

VSiN – The Details

  1. Their Live Streaming shows and VOD are must-haves for sports bettors.
  2. Daily articles with actionable betting advice.
  3. Free Live Audio available.
  4. 7 Day Free Trial offer.
  5. Subscriptions available for as little as $30/year.
  6. Watch on iOS devices, Apple TV, Android, Sling and VSiN.com

VSiN is much better than the best days of ESPN. If you have not tried it, you’re really missing a great opportunity.

If you write about NFL betting… VSiN is an idea creation gold mine practically giving you all the important info you need to spin up great content every day of the season.  

Master Analytics with Pro Football Focus (PFF)

PFF NFL Power Rankings
PFF NFL Power Rankings are sortable – a great tool for props

As an NFL handicapper, one my biggest weaknesses is keeping a handle on the talent level throughout the league. So many players… some improving, some declining. It’s a big job, yet important.

PFF provides advanced analytics to subscribers.  More and more they are becoming accepted into the mainstream by broadcasters and NFL teams are starting use their data.  

PFF’s power rankings are the perfect starting point for every NFL handicapper’s week.  Whether you’re fine tuning your own rankings or just evaluating the weekly ebb-n-flow of the league, PFF rankings are a must have.

As you move from the big picture onto individual matchups there’s no better source of individual player analysis available without knowing NFL insiders.

If you’re an analytics type of handicapper… PFF is the one single tool you must have.

Own the Totals with NFL Weather 

NFL Weather

NFLWeather.com is the first site to visit every Thursday-Sunday during the NFL Season.  I don’t put a lot of trust on extended forecasts, but they start gaining investment grade quality at 72 hours.  The closer you get to game time the more likely they are to being accurate.

I’ve found this site to be one of the best, it gathers all the info in one easy to use location.  Just visiting this site for 5 minutes each morning can increase your over/under win percentage by 10%.  

How to kill-it with under bets:

  • Visit NFL Weather on Thursday check the wind forecast for each game, note anything 15 mph or more. It’s time to dive into these games to see if they are playable under the total.
  • Repeat on Friday (3 days from game time). Take a look at the total for any game with a windy (15+ mph) forecast. If the line hasn’t moved off the open, make a small under bet. You’re getting value, if the forecast sticks.
  • Same thing on Saturday. If the forecast is still windy + no line shift follow through on your under bet.

RotoWire Practice Reports

NFL - RotoWire Practice Report

Injuries are a huge factor for NFL Bettors and they’re not easy keeping up with. You can gain a big edge, especially on individual prop bets, when you’re on top of the leagues injury situation.

RotoWire is an excellent source of injury updates and practice reports.  This is one of the most valuable research tools available… and it’s free.

There are endless ways to incorporate these reports into your everyday handicapping. Player availability is a huge factor in all aspects of NFL and the RotoWire Practice Report the best way to stay on top of who’s banged up and who’s not.

Combining the practice report with PFFs Power Rankings to start your own weekly rankings is the first step to becoming a real pro – straight-up power move. It’s solid fundamental which will put you above 99% of all sports bettors.

Uncover More Winning Bets AccuScore Data

AccuScore Preview

AccuScore performs 1000s of game simulations and models predicted outcomes as well as player performances.   They include factors such as player availability, weather conditions, in-house player rankings, etc…. 

AccuScore has a long track record as a successful handicapping service, but I value their sports data analysis even more.  Along with PFF, AccuScore is a go-to source of identifying player prop opportunities. 

Did I Miss Any?

I’d like to hear from you:

Which site from this post are you going to try first?

Or maybe you have your own favorite betting resource.

Either way, leave a comment below and let me know.

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