NFL Teaser Betting

by Doug Harper - Teaser betting can be very profitable when done correctly. You must remain patient and take advantage of opportunities when betting a teaser. Teaser betting should be part of any good bettor's arsenal, but not the major focus. Stay disciplined and keep your basic teaser betting strategy in mind when looking at your plays each week.

NFL Teaser Betting
NFL Teaser Betting is one of the most profitable wagers... if you can stay disciplined.

Teaser betting should be limited to 2 or 3 team teasers:

Teaser betting has been around for a long time because its a sucker bet for casual players. It's also a loser betting teasers on college football. So play it smart, and stay away from college games.

Teaser betting has a successful basic strategy that can be used to consistently earn a profit year after year. Sportsbooks have caught on, so you have to remain patient and use teasers to boost your profit from time to time.

Teaser betting comes down to 4 specific winning situations, stick with them and you will win in the long run.

2 Team Teaser Betting

3 Team Teaser Betting

Teaser betting strategy should always include crossing the numbers 3 and 7, and any sound teaser betting strategy should never include or cross 0.

Teaser betting canditates are posted on the blog weekly.

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