NFL Over Under Betting

by Doug Harper - NFL Over Under betting is one of the most popular, and profitable, wagers available. The Over Under (or totals) bet is simply betting on the total number of points scored in the game.

NFL: Cowboys vs Eagles
Over 48 -110
Under 48 -110

You bet on if you think the combined amount of points scored is over or under 48, regardless of who wins.

NFL Over Under Tips

Over Under betting on NFL games can be very profitable. A good NFL handicapper and smart fantasy footballers can consistently hit better than 60% on Over Under bets. Sportsbooks keep the limits fairly low on over under betting because they know its one of the most profitable wagers for smart NFL handicappers. Here's a few things to consider when betting NFL over unders...

NFL Over Under betting is one of the most popular but least researched wagers available. You can profit from over under betting if you pay attention to what your doing an put a little time into your handicapping. Take it serious for 1 month, and I think you will see how easy over under betting can be.

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